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Saverna Therapeutics to date has been financed through a mixture of self-funding, grant awards from Switzerland and Europe via Innosuisse and Eurostars programs.

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Why invest in Saverna

    • Participate in the fast-growing drug discovery and drug development space against the background of needs in the global health care system.
    • Opportunity for comparatively rapid project related returns on investment due to Saverna's business model (B2B early licensing or partnering).
    • The Directors & Executive Management have a unique blend of complementary skills, experiences and track records which allowed to develop the proprietary Saverna platform and its applications to the present level.
    • The company's business strategy and business model is in line with the industry's needs to address a number of paradigm changing pressure points e.g. adapt business model to reinforce innovation via external R&D collaborations due to thinning drug pipelines, focusing on health outcomes also in neglected disease areas, reducing costs to accommodate pricing and regulatory pressure, etc.(moving from Pharma 1.0 to Pharma 3.0).
    • The Company has close ties within leading academia, pharma/biotech companies and has developed excellent working relationships with other key players in the healthcare and pharma/biotech eco-system in Europe, US and Asia-Pacific.